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        My yorkie, Henry, was 9 years-old when we started working with Clare.     I couldn’t have imagined how much she would help improve my relationship with my dog!  I’m so much better at communicating and understanding his needs and behaviors.  Clare tailored her approach to Henry’s specific personality.  I learned so much from her deep knowledge of dog behavior, insight and sensitivity.  -K.P.


       Clare has been helping us train our 6-month old labrador puppy for the past few months, and we have seen great results.  Our dog responded quickly to Clare, who is caring, patient, and very clear in her direction.  She is very knowledgeable about training methods, and has a great deal of resources to tap for specific questions.  We have also appreciated that Clare responds to our particular needs:  in addition to teaching in our house, she meets us at locations we frequent (such as outdoor restaurants and downtown locations) so that our puppy learns how to behave well in those places.  We highly recommend Clare for dog training! -J.E. and E.E.


     Thank you so very much for your help with assessing and training Ralphie yesterday. Your optimism is infectious and your skills are very impressive. -B.B.


       Just spent an hour with Clare learning how to properly walk our dog on a leash. It was actually *fun* and our dog took to her gentle straight-forward methods pretty quickly. She didn't just show me how to direct the dog's behavior, she showed me how little things I was doing were affecting that behavior, things I could easily modify in myself.

She showed us BOTH how to walk together! The dog and I are both going to be able to master this I think! Plus, Clare is a super super pleasant person to spend time with.


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